My Dream
Sam, Age 11, Vernon, BC

I've always had a dream
and that is to be
an Olympic Rhythmic gymnast
it is just part of me.

Whenever I am training
I love it so very much,
everything I do
has got that special touch.

Everyone thinks I am good
My coaches they all love me.
They say I can go to far off limits
and be the best that I can be.

I wish that I could do that
but I know it's just a dream to me
for I don't have much money
to be what I want to be.

Why do we have no money?
Why does it cost a lot?
Why can't I do what I love most:
show all I've been taught.

There's so much that I could do
but I love this most of all
and my dream is crushed by just one thing
without money I shall fall.

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