Run to the Forest
Kristine, Age 10, Vernon, BC

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Emily. She was eight years old. Her life was very sad in her home. She wasn’t poor at all; she was just abused all the time by her parents. She had bruises from her head to toes. She had a brother named Ryan. Their parents favoured Ryan, while Emily was getting abused. 

One day while Emily was scrubbing the floor her dad walked in and started yelling at her about how bad the floor looked. Then she ran out the door and fled into
the forest. She spent the night in a big bundle of branches.

When she woke up she saw a deer licking at her leg. Emily thought it was going to run away from her if she got up. But then Emily thought maybe she wouldn’t. So Emily got up and the deer just stayed standing there. Emily decided to call the deer Cassandra. They became best friends. Cassandra and Emily swam in the lake together all the time. 

One day somebody was hunting in the forest and saw Cassandra. The hunter was getting ready to shoot Cassandra. All of a sudden Emily jumped out right when the hunter pulled the trigger. The bullet came straight at Cassandra but it hit her leg. 

Cassandra couldn’t walk for a couple weeks. While the weeks were passing Emily was having a very boring time because Cassandra wasn’t there to play with her. Finally Cassandra could walk again but Cassandra didn’t seem to want to play.

As the years passed Emily and Cassandra grew apart. Then one day the hunter came back again and shot Cassandra and she died. Emily was very sad even though they were not best friends any more. Emily was all alone until one day some people came into the forest and saw her and asked if she wanted to come over and Emily said, “are you sure”? And they said “yes”. So Emily went there and the people asked Emily if she had a home and Emily told them about everything. So the people asked Emily if she wanted to live with them. Emily was so excited to hear these great words. 

Emily lived with her new parents happily for a long time.

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