The Super Boring Weekend
Schynel, Age 11, Vernon, BC

It was Friday and Kandi was looking forward to her big sleepover at her house. All of the girls in her grade were invited. The "popular" girls Amanda, Sarah, Stephanie, Jennifer and Kristine were coming, too. Kandi really wanted to impress them. So she got her mom to go shopping for all the things they liked like "Triple Chocolate ice cream".

"Only fifteen minutes until school's out," Kandi whispered to herself. She did her math quietly for fifteen minutes and then BBBBBBBBBBBoRRRRRRRiiing school was out. "Yes, finally!" she exclaimed. After school Kandi ran home as fast as she could so she could get ready for the sleepover.

She finally got to her house and when she came in the phone rang. Her mom started talking and then 'click' she hung up. "That was Amanda's mother. Amanda can't come to the sleepover," her mother said. "Oh, man," said Kandi, "at least everyone else can come." Kandi spoke too soon because the phone started ringing off the hook. Now nobody could come except Jane and she was so boring her nickname was Plain Jane!
"Jane is the most boring girl in the fifth grade!" Kandi cried. "Oh, give her a chance," said her mom.

"This weekend is going to be super boring," Kandi said to herself as Jane's car steered in the driveway. There was a knock at the door and Kandi's mom answered it. "Hello, you must be Jane," said Kandi's mom. "Hi," Jane said shyly. "Kandi!" her mother called "Jane's here!" "Coming," Kandi said. "Hiya Jane". "Hi Kandi, where could I put my stuff?" Jane asked. "Up in my room. I'll show you where it is."

"So What do you want to do?" asked Kandi. "Do you think we could play Twister?" asked Jane. Twister! Kandi thought. That's my favourite game! Maybe mom was right. "Sure," said Kandi, "I love that game!" They had tons of fun  playing Twister. "Do you want some ice cream?" asked Kandi. "Sure," said Jane, "do you have chocolate?" "Of course," said Kandi. After they ate their ice cream Jane asked if there was any candy in the house. "Of course there is after all that is my name!" They laughed.

Kandi and Jane didn't go to sleep until nearly 3 o'clock in the morning. When they woke up Jane's mom was waiting downstairs. "I had tons of fun maybe we could do it again," said Kandi. "Totally," said Jane. After Jane left Kandi said "You were totally right mom, I should have given Jane a chance." "Aren't I always right?" her mom asked. "Yeah, yeah whatever." Kandi and her mom laughed.

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