Why Lance?
John, Age 14, Winfield, BC

Every day after school Lance and I go to our favourite place. It's a place where no one goes but me and him. We always talk about things we did at school or how big our science teacher's nose is. Sometimes we talk for an hour or more, other times it lasts five minutes but we always meet at our place. It's right beside Harmony Lake on a sandy beach-like area. Where dried up logs are scattered here and there.

Yesterday I waited on one of those logs for Lance to come running calling out "Shawn, sorry I'm late", but he didn't and I doubted he would. I waited impatiently for about a half an hour before I got up and walked home. That was the first time ever he hadn't come.

I got a phone call from his parents this morning. They told me that Lance was hit by a car, the driver was drunk and he had sped right through a crosswalk where Lance was crossing to get to our special place. He died last night from internal bleeding.

This morning I didn't believe he was gone for good, this afternoon I just realized how serious and terrible his death has been. I think the drunk driver of the vehicle is going to get his license taken away forever. I hope. I ask myself "Why Lance?" over and over. I don't think I'll ever know, I don't know what I'm going to do after school now but I do know it will be in memory of Lance.

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