Sarah's Stars

Troon Harrison. A Bushel of Light
Stoddart Kids, ISBN 0-7737-6140-3 $9.95 244 pg.

Maggie and her twin sister, Thomasina, had their lives torn apart when they were little girls, six years ago, now. Their father drowns in a stormy sea, then their mother passes away giving birth, losing the baby, too. They find themselves living with their aunt and awful cousins, until the day they send Maggie away.

A Bushel of Light is an adventure novel, suitable for young adults. Maggie's need to find her sister is strong, so is her uncontrolled bundle of hate, love and willpower. She is determined to find Thomasina. However, Maggie soon faces a new problem.

Troon Harrison has written an interesting, and quick-paced book. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and would recommend it to all young adults. I give this novel four stars.


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