Sarah's Stars

Authors by Request.
Compiled by Janis Campbell & Cathy Collison

Beyond Words Publishing , ISBN 1-58270-073-7  $12.95  119 pg.

Did you know that J.K. Rowling came up with the four common room names for the Harry Potter series, and wrote them on an airplane sickness bag? Or did you know that R.L. Stine was the class clown?

In Authors by Request you can read about twelve authors' life stories, how they write, how they acquired their styles of writing, and they even have some tips for you! This book was compiled by Janis Campbell and Cathy Collison, who interviewed each one of the authors personally. Children ages 10-14 will really enjoy finding out about all of their favourite authors and what other children from around the world have to say about them.

I really enjoyed this book and thought that finding out about an author's history was very interesting. Authors by Request is copyrighted 2002, a new addition to bookshelves everywhere. I think that this book is excellent and rate it five stars.


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