Big Black
Nathaniel, Age 12, Melbourne, Australia

Once upon a time,
In a nursery rhyme,
There was a guy named Big Black Rider Hood,
Who rode a motor bike through the woods.

He was a big built man who wore only black,
In this story there's also a lawyer named Jack,
The lawyer's an evil sinister man,
Who looks for a dollar wherever he can.

One day Big Black was riding his bike,
And what did he do? Who did he strike?
He struck Jack,
And hurt his back
on the way through the woods
to bring his Dad roast yak.

The lawyer said "Ow! I'll get you for that,
Mark my words you pussy-cat!
I'll be back with my demands
And if not met, obey a judge's commands".
Then the lawyer walked away,
To sue the man that very same day.

Big Black started riding again,
Hoping that he'd beat the rain,
He finally arrived amid the gloom,
of a courtroom.

There was a judge, a bailiff even a jury,
He had an outburst of rage and fury,
The judge said let's start the case,
So I can finally get out of this place.

In the end the case was won,
By Big Black who said this was fun,
He said that Jack's demands weren't met,
And so he rode off on his motorbike into the sunset.

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