Sarah's Stars

Mary Alice Downie and John Downie.
Danger in Disguise
Roussan Publishers, ISBN: 1896184723 170 pg.

Jamie Macphearson and his father are living in Normandy, but not for long. One night, Jamie's dad tells him the family secret ... they are running from a man, Sleat, who is trying to kill them.

On Jamie's 14th birthday, he is sent to live with an uncle in Glasgow, Scotland. On his way to Glasgow, he is pressed into service in the Navy, and sent to Canada to fight in the war against the French. He meets many friends and has numerous close calls with the man named Sleat.

Danger in Disguise, set in 1759, is an adventure novel for kids 10-13 years old. In Danger in Disguise, you will learn what war is really like and you will learn the reality of what it would be like to be hunted by a mass murderer.

I thought this was a very good book because of all the different characters and places, and because of all the twists in the plot . I give this novel five stars.

Mary Alice Downie and John Downie have also written a book called Honor Bound (1991).


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