Sarah's Stars

Irene Watts. Remember Me
Tundra, ISBN 0-88776-519-X $8.99 172 pg.

Marianne is lucky to have escaped Nazi Germany. She doesn't speak English and is desperate! That pretty much explains what it says on the back of the book, and if you think that sounds exciting, then you're on your way to reading a very impressive book!

Marianne Kohn doesn't have the greatest life; being Jewish, things are not that easy. Mr. Evans is a social worker showing Marianne eligible foster families. He's a very kind and generous man, unlike some of the people Marianne is about to meet. She is tossed from house to house, from family to family, all in an attempt to find a safe place to live, just for a while. Yes, it's tough, and yes, she misses her family very much, but somehow, in some way, she keeps it all together.

Remember Me is a soft cover novel suitable for most upper intermediate readers. Irene Watts is a fantastic author who is able to express the feelings and emotions of all the characters.

This book was published by Tundra Books and is filled with 172 fantastic pages. This book is great and could teach you a lesson or two about people that are not as fortunate as us! I give this novel 5 stars.


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