Sarah's Stars

Sharon Siamon. Sky Horse
Whitecap Books, ISBN 1-55285-456-6  $8.95  143 pg.

Just think, a beautiful mountain range, green pastures, and a barn filled with horses. Every girl's dream, right? But for Becky Sandersen it's terrible. She is completely isolated, no means of transportation and no one her own age. When her snobby cousin and friend come to visit, it is wonderful to have company, even if her cousin, Alison, is more of an annoyance than a friend, and Meg, the other girl, is overly enthusiastic about everything. When things start going downhill, the three of them must learn to get along ... if they don't, they may not survive.

This series by Sharon Siamon is excellent for Grade 4 and up. It is packed with non-stop action: a real page turner. Children everywhere will be captured by Alison's snobbishness, Becky's braveness, and Meg's special touch with animals. It is a new series, as the first book is copyrighted 2001. Sharon Siamon has continued their adventures in five following novels. I thought that Sky Horse was a very good book, and rate it 4 stars.


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