Karina, Age 12, Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Kelsey smiled. She was on a boat ride on Lake Superior with her brother and two parents.

"Let's go in the cuddy, Rob," Kelsey said to her brother.  The two headed into the cuddy to play with their dog, Lucky.

Suddenly, Kelsey's mom called excitedly, "Kelsey! Rob!  Come see the ducks!"

The two siblings rushed out and scanned the water.  The boat was gliding noiselessly through a group of ducks.  They were so intent on their fishing that they did not seem to notice the boat at all.

Finally, the boat passed out of the flock of ducks.  Kelsey went to the back seat and stared back at the ducks in wonder as her dad started the motor up again.

Kelsey sighed in happiness and stuck her hand out the side of the boat.  Pinpricks of spray tickled her sweaty palm.

Suddenly, the boat's roaring motor stopped.  Kelsey's dad immediately tried unsuccessfully to start it again.

'Oh, great,' thought Kelsey, 'We're stranded.' 

Kelsey's dad attempted to radio the marina but discovered only that the radio was broken.

Turning to her brother, Kelsey whispered, "Let's go into the cuddy.  It's probably better if we're out of the way.  Rob nodded and they headed into the cuddy.

Soon it became clear to the stranded family that the main issue was not to get the boat started again, but to attract attention from passing boats.

"Let's wave your red shirt around.  Maybe that will attract people," suggested Kelsey.

But Rob shook his head crossly.  He didn't trust Kelsey with his favorite red shirt.

Kelsey decided to use a small, red lifejacket instead. She waved it back and forth until her arms ached.  The whole family shouted 'help' constantly until their throats were hoarse.

Kelsey's dad nodded towards a few half empty water bottles in the boat.  "At least we have water," he said.

"Ew," said Kelsey, " That water is at least two years old and someone has already drunk out of these bottles."

"Believe me," said her dad solemnly, "If you were thirsty enough, you would drink anything."

With that thought in mind, Kelsey waved harder and yelled louder then before.

Finally, the family spotted a small fishing boat in the distance.  As it approached, the family could see that the passengers were a woman, her husband, and a dog.

The small but sturdy boat managed to pull the boat into the marina.

After thanking the couple profusely, the dehydrated, sunburned and exhausted family returned to their cottage for a good night's sleep.


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