Sarah's Stars

Julie Lawson. The Ghost of Avalanche Mountain
Stoddart Kids, ISBN 0-7737-6091-1 $9.95 232 pg.

The Ghost of Avalanche Mountain is a soft cover novel. The author, Julie Lawson, has written two other titles in this trilogy, one being Goldstone, another great read, and Turns on a Dime. It is available from Stoddart Kids Publishing. This novel is suitable for all intermediate readers.

The Ghost of Avalanche Mountain involves a stone and dreams of the future. For her birthday, Ashley receives a special stone; a stone hit by lightning. A boy named Jonathan, is secretly after this stone. Unfortunately, Ashley doesn't know it until it's too late. Will she die? Will Jonathan save her? Or, will Jonathan finally get his hands on the gold stone? Find out by reading this exciting novel.

I really liked reading this book because of its exciting parts. When I read, I like to read until an exciting part comes along, then I stop and think about what will happen, before reading on to find out. I give The Ghost of Avalanche Mountain five stars.


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