The Hen and the Egg
Jaime, Age 10, Yarmouth, IA

Once upon a time there was a hen and her name was Henny. Henny was a nice hen. Henny’s owner was Mrs. James and her three-year-old son, Jacob. It’s an interesting story how Henny got her name.

One day, while Jacob was picking dandelions for his mom,  a hen came strutting up to him. Jacob was excited that a hen came to his house. Jacob was screaming and jumping up and down while saying “Hen, Henny!  Hen, Henny!”

Jacob’s mom came out to find Jacob holding a hen. “Put him down,” said Mrs. James.

Jacob yelled, “No, I don’t put down Henny!”

Mrs. James was surprised Jacob yelled at her. “Jacob, you don’t yell at me."

“I want Henny! I keep Henny!” cried Jacob.

Mrs. James said yes after Jacob cried.

One day, Henny had an egg. When Jacob saw it he screamed, “Egg! Egg!"

Mrs. James came running and asking “Jacob what’s the matter?”

Jacob pointed and said, “Egg! Egg!”

As Jacob and his mommy watched, the egg opened. Jacob pointed and said, “That’s Henny, Jr.”

The chickens lived happily ever after and the family did too.


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