Sarah's Stars

Arthur G. Slade. The Loki Wolf
Orca, ISBN-1-55143-145-9 $8.95 190pg.

"This was a hunter who had tasted blood and now wanted more... We stared at the trap door... A snout tested the air for several seconds, then the thing pushed its head up into the chamber..."

When Angie starts having strange dreams about dying, a week before her trip to Iceland, she gets worried. She calls her Afi (Grandfather) who lives in Iceland, but after drilling her with questions he tells her not to worry. All the same, when Angie reaches Iceland, strange events start to happen.

I really enjoyed the capturing mystery/adventure which Arthur G. Slade has created. I thought it was an excellent novel and that children in Grade five and up would really enjoy it. The Loki Wolf was a very interesting book and I am now looking for the others in the series. I thought it was a chilling, five star book.


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