The Test
Staci, Age 10, Mishawaka, IN

“An F!  Oh man, my parents are going to kill me,” Tim groaned.  “Yes, I got an A!” Lilly cheered.  “I know I’m not going to tell my parents, that’s for sure,” Tim whispered. But when he got home -

"So, how did the test go?  You were bragging on how well you were going to do, all week,” Tim’s parents asked.

“We didn’t take the test.  It turns out that I got the information wrong,” Tim lied.

“Class, I forgot to tell you that if you got a D or an F on your test that you have to get it signed by your parents.  Don’t forget, it's due Monday,” the teacher informed, “Oh, and if you don’t, I’ll be forced to have a parent teacher conference.  See you Monday.” 

“Tim!  Don’t forget you’re coming over tomorrow,” Lilly reminded.


“What to do.  What to do.  What to do?!  I know!  I’ll forge a signature.  Ya.  That’s what I’ll do,” Tim thought in his room.

“Hey Lilly, how does this look?” Tim asked in excitement when he got together with Lilly again.

“It looks like your test with your dad’s signature on it,” Lilly replied.  “Yes!” Tim cheered.  “Oh Tim, you’re not forging it ,are you?” Lilly asked in disappointment.

“So.  It’s not like I’m doing something wrong or anything,” Tim said.

“Yes you are!  You can get thrown in jail, and it’s dishonest!” she hollered.  After that Tim had a guilty conscience.

“Mom.  Dad?  I....   I forged a signature!” Tim blurted out.

“Why? You know we would always sign something for you,” his parents said in an angry voice.

“I know, and I’m sorry.  I won’t do it again, I solemnly promise,” Tim promised.  “Well, you know we’re going to have to punish you.  It’s going to have to be even tougher on account you lied to us and you were going to do something illegal.  We are very disappointed in you,” Tim’s parents said as they raised their voice.

“So, how did they take it?” Lilly asked on the way to school.  “I’m grounded for a month.  But I deserve it,” Tim sighed.

“I’m proud of you.”

“Hey, that’s what they said!  Did you eavesdrop?” Tim asked.

“Now Tim, you know me.  I’ve known your family all my life.  I would never do that.  I just know,” Lilly said.

“Thanks.  I really needed your support.  I will never, ever, do that again, I promise.”

And Tim did just that.  He never did that again.


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