To Only Be Human Again
Jessica, Age 16, Torbay, NF

In the darkness
we are lost
in the light
we are blinded
as children we are bound
to grow

But only in one direction.
We see nothing with our eyes
hear nothing with our ears.
we are lazy in our hearts
they no longer know how to feel.

Hate comes so easy
fear to say the least
is common.
But it is love that we are afraid of
It's meaning is lost on us.

We know how to hate,
are taught this before we speak
and fear is bred into us,
we cannot get away.
where will we go?

So you can stay
in the darkness
and loose yourself .
Or you can stand and turn it all off
stop it
and learn to feel
be human for just a moment
in time
use our hearts and clean them of hate.

But no,
that requires one to risk the hurt
that says that we must actually do something
we both know you and I,
that will never happen in our lifetimes.

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