Why Poems?
Jessica, Age 10, Richmond, BC

Why poems? Oh boo.
I mean gee, I mean gosh!
Why poems?
They are just pish-posh
Rhymes and times and words and - ug!
I'd rather eat twenty bugs
than write a poem any day!

Why poems? Why? I shout, I say.
I'm sitting here
with a blank screen in front
I can't even change this font!
My brain's turning to mush
It's my last resort today
to sit and write poems.
Sigh, I'd rather go and play.

Why poems? Must I?
Do I have to stay here
to write poems and nonsense
It's hurting my ear!
I hate writing poems!
Since I hate them so much,
You know what?
Golly gee,
I'll end without one.

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