Animal ABC
Ana, Age 11, Tucson, AZ

Alligators at Arizona ask all people for apples.
Bears bounce on bouncy balls while eating baby back ribs.
Cats curl up in a corner of a country cottage in Connecticut.
Dogs dance disco in December.
Electric eels eat enemies after electrocuting eagles.
Flying fruit bats fantasize of figs.
Giant Gorillas get grapes from Georgia.
Hamsters have hoagies hidden in Harvard.
Intelligent iguanas stay inside instead of ice-skating.
Jack rabbit John jumped joyfully.
Kangaroo Kacie counted carrots.
Lions love leaving Louisiana.
Many manatees make money move.
Nuthatches never navigate near Nevada.
Otters on olives outside of Oregon.
Parakeets play peacefully.
Quails quack quietly.
Roadrunners run races regularly.
Snakes sometimes slither suspiciously.
Tigers tackle ticklish tarantulas.
Unicorns under umbrellas.
Vultures vacuum vents.
Whales weigh water when watering kelp.
Xels exit excitedly.
Yaks yak about yesterday.
Zebras zip away from zebra cakes.

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