Another Bus-ride Home
Drew, Age 15, Virginia Beach, VA

Too many conversations go on at once, my ears cannot handle it, my brain overloads. All I can hear is a montage of words, blended into a smoothie of white noise. I'm curled up in a ball lying on my side, trying not to fall between the seats. All the bodies are making the air thick with warmth, and the potpourri of smells picked up throughout the day. I am banging my head against the fogged up window hoping to break it, so that I could climb out and breathe the fresh air.

Listening to the music through my headphones, turn it up, and make everything okay. Humming along, watching as stoplights go from red to green. Looking for hubcaps on the side of the road, standing there waiting to be found by the car that they came off of. Nearing my stop, put my CD player away, and the pot-luck mix of broken thoughts, and fragmented sentences, comes pouring over me again. Walking down the aisle, trying not to trip on bags that stray from their owners, and I step out into the sun.


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