Blinking Red Light
Drew, Age 15, Virginia Beach, VA

I sit cross-legged on my bed, at night
staring out the window,
my reflection beyond the trees.
Looking without ever truly seeing
An image with no meaning
Recognizing nothing

To the left is a tower,
red light blinks off and on
Flashes against the Construction paper sky
pin pricked stars twinkle bright
A magic carpet takes me up
to them where I can talk about it all

They will just sit politely, listening
When I'm done, I start to head back down,
but then one of them invites me to join them.
I say, "thank you, but I will just stay here on my bed,
where I can stare up and admire you
with the blinking red light in the corner of my eye.

Now I recognize everything.
I used to see without ever realizing
what it was that I was seeing.
Now I understand
my vision cleared
The blinking red light
no longer annoys me.

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