Sarah's Stars

Terry Griggs. Cat's Eye Corner
Raincoast Books, ISBN 1-55192-350-5  $12.95  163 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah

When Olivier gets an invitation to spend the summer at his grandfather's house, he's ready to go, but his parents aren't so sure. Olivier's Grandpa lives with his third wife, Sylvia De Whosit of Whatsit, whom Olivier calls his "Step-step-step-gramma". Olivier's parents say she is a witch, but Olivier doesn't believe them, at least not until he meets her. She does seem somewhat eccentric, but then so is the rest of Cat's Eye Corner. When Olivier finds a list of extraordinary scavenger hunt items, he sets off on one of the most delightful scavenger hunts of the century.

If you like fantasy, this is DEFINITELY the book for you! Terry Griggs has put together a fast-paced adventure that is full of imaginary characters. "Like a roller coaster, Griggs is well worth the price of admission, the wobbly legs, the dizziness. A warning to family and friends: much of this book simply begs to be read aloud." -Globe and Mail.

My Grade 5/6 teacher read it as a "read aloud" to our class, and everybody loved it! The entire class begged her to read more and couldn't wait for "read aloud" the following day to hear what happened next to Olivier. Definitely a five star book!


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