Sarah's Stars

Sharon E. McKay. Charlie Wilcox
Stoddart Kids, ISBN 0-77376-093-8  $9.959  221 pg.
Reviewed by Robyn

All Charlie Wilcox has ever dreamed of is to go to sea. Unfortunately, his parents think differently. Instead, they send him to boarding school. Charlie, being rather devious, decides to sneak away aboard a ship heading out to sea. By accident, Charlie boards the wrong ship, and as he's been told, the ship is heading to war. There, Charlie meets up with old friends, makes new ones, and goes into battle to defend his country, as well as trying to find a way home.

Charlie Wilcox is an adventure novel packed with exciting journeys throughout the book. The author, Sharon E. McKay, has mixed bravery and friendship into her novel, appealing to all ages. This book has a sequel named Charlie Wilcox's Great War. I rate this book 5 stars.


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