Sarah's Stars

Margot Griffin. Dancing for Danger.
Illustrated by P.J. Burden
Stoddart Kids, ISBN 0-7737-6136-5  $8.95  92 pg.
Reviewed by Katie

Hiding. Always hiding. Half of Meggy and Danny's life has been in hiding.

Meggy, her brother, and all the other local students in their little town are in hiding at school. There are soldiers. Bad men, the kind that could kill you in a single shot, if they find out ... or because you didn't tell them. A chance Master Cleary (their teacher) is willing to take.

In this story, people live inches away from death each day. This book is part of the A Meggy Tale series. I've only read the one, so far, but I'm sure the others are as great and as exciting as this one. There is fantastic adventure in this novel and it is suitable for most readers. I hope you enjoy it!

I give this book five stars!!


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