Sarah's Stars

Julie Burtinshaw. Dead Reckoning
Raincoast Books, ISBN 1-55192-342-4  $9.95  119 pg.
Reviewed by Carollyne

"Yes, Grandson, it was 1906," started great-grandfather's story.

That was the year the Valencia went down. The place it crashed is still known as the Graveyard of the Pacific. Many ships have sunk throughout the years, and many people have perished.

In this story, James Moffat sets off alone from San Francisco to Canada, as James and his family, who plan to come later, are moving to Victoria. However, soon after setting sail, a storm builds. The deck's empty. The passengers are huddled below. The ship's captain, unable to calculate the depth of the water, misses the deep strait and runs up onto sharp rocks. Will James go down with the ship, like captain and crew?

The soft cover novel, Dead Reckoning, is a fantastic read. The title itself comes from an actual sailing term. There are 119 pages filled with adventure, excitement and sea sickness. Students, ages 9-12, will enjoy this book. I give this novel 5 stars.


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