Sarah's Stars

Marthe Jocelyn. Earthly Astonishments
Tundra Books, ISBN 0-88776-495-9  $19.95  179 pg.
Reviewed by Sydney

In a small town called Westley, lives the smallest girl in the world, Josephine. She stands twenty inches high, her feet only four inches long. Her parents charge gawkers a penny just to see her. Then she is sent to the MacLaren Academy for Girls.

Josephine is treated much like a slave at the Academy. One day she decides she's had enough; she has dreamed of running away for a long time, but finally has worked up the courage to go. She takes five gold coins, coins that belong to someone else, but coins she figures she has earned since coming to the Academy five years ago.

Her travels take her further and further away until she meets R. L. Walters, a man with a motive and a museum. She quickly draws his attention, then the crowds come, but unfortunately, past enemies as well.

Earthly Astonishments is a wonderful hardcover novel written by Marthe Jocelyn. Her other novels include Invisible Harry and Hannah and the Seven Dresses. This particular novel is more suitable for intermediate readers. Marthe Jocelyn is a great author and I encourage everyone to read this book. I give this novel a five star rating.


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