Sarah's Stars

Ellen Schwartz. Jesse's Star
Orca, ISBN 1-22143-143-2  $6.95  106 pg.
Reviewed by Hayley

Jesse comes home from school one night with a project, which is due the next day. Once again, he has left homework to the last minute. His mom is going out to a meeting, and his project is to find out his family history. How is he supposed to know about his Grandfather's coming to Canada, or about his family's life? His mom tells him to look in the attic for clues and maybe some family history, before she bolts out the door. Jesse trudges up the stairs to the attic. When about to leave empty-handed, he finds an old satin bag containing a star on a necklace - the Star of David, and an old picture of his Grandpa and his family. Jesse slips on the necklace; it goes warm and begins to glow!.

Jesse's Star is a historical fiction novel, suitable for young chapter book readers. Ellen Schwartz has done an excellent job of writing an equally excellent book. She has twisted a kid's normal life into a historical fiction novel with a touch of mystery. I think that young readers would love her book. I highly recommend it, and hope to find more of her books to read and enjoy.


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