My Life
Marlayna, Age 11, Kitimat, BC

I sit hear crying,
   with tears flowing down.
Not one person looks at me,
   not one in the town.
Oh why can't I be that person?
   Or that person there.
It's just the way life is,
   as I heard God say.
Yes he does speak to me,
   I am pretty special.
So why can't I be wanted,
   why can't you take care of me?
Is it just God calling me?
   Or is He telling me the truth.
I don't think life goes that way,
   because it breaks something inside you.
I don't have any family, so why don't you care?
   God is calling me, I'm sorry it's too late.
Now that you come for me,
  I know I will live in a better place.

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