My Own School
Nick, Age 10, Mishawaka, IN

Hi! My name is Nick and I have a school of sports for boys. Our gym has a soccer field, tennis court, basketball court, football field, a track, and a baseball diamond. In it the bleachers have an upper deck and the walls has paintings of famous athletes.

Our cafeteria has a Between the Buns for kids and it is twice the size as Beigerís cafeteria.  The library has only books on sports. And it has two thousand books in it.

All the classrooms are as big as the library with twenty students in each classroom. The walls have pictures of college athletes. We have a whole row of computers with the screensavers having any college team on it.

The science lab has a logo that says sports science teaches us about how steroids can affect an athlete's body and life. The history class looks the same as the science lab but has a logo that says sports history and would teach us about the greatest athletes in the world and what kind of sports they had before Christ. The principal's office has pictures of our principal doing sports. The bathrooms are half the size of the classrooms but have trophies in cases hung on the wall. My schoolís pretty cool!


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