My Personality
Josh, Age 14, Maribel, WI

People look at me
And judge me a Hellion
So I believe that I am
Now I breathe in good
And breathe out evil.
Feelings from the past
Cloud my perception.
I canít remember
Were this feeling is coming from
Iíve locked it
In the back of my mind
So many times
That only the feeling exists.
But Iíve learned
To live with it.
Using it as strength
Using it to pull myself
Through the long day.
Still it nags at me,
Teases me
Taunts me.
Not only when I'm awake
But also when I sleep.
Drawing power from the fact
That it is a mystery.
Mixed feelings overwhelm me,
Drive me into depression.
A depression so deep
That it is becoming
Very hard to hide.
But yet I manage,
To keep living
No matter how hopeless
It may seem.

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