The Calf and the Hedgehog
Kristy, Age 11, Armstrong, BC

One day Calf was teasing Hedgehog, because he was so stupid.

“Do you ever get anything right?” asked Calf with a sly laugh.

“Uh ya .......What were we talking about?” asked Hedgehog.

“Ha, ha you’re sooo stupid and I’m sooo beautiful, smart, and everybody loves me! Ha! Ha! Ha!” shouted the Calf.

“You think so, eh,”  called Hedgehog.  “How about if I challenge you to a.......what is it again?...  oh right, a game show.”

“A game show? Only someone as stupid as you would challenge me to a game show! Ha! I’ll beat you any old day. I’ll accept your challenge!” replied Calf with an evil grin.

"Then I will meet you at the game show barn at eleven o’clock tomorrow morning,” said Hedgehog.

“Don’t be late and don’t forget!’’ shouted the Calf with a mocking smile.

The next day, Hedgehog hurried to the game show barn and hoped he was early. When he got there, he saw Calf, Friend Fox, and all of Calf’s friends.

“You’re late,” called the Calf. “We’ve been waiting for half an hour. You’re late, late, late you stupid hedgehog,” she said in an irritated voice.

“Let’s get on with the show!” announced Friend Fox.

So the game went on with Calf answering the first two questions correctly before Hedgehog could blink.

“Calf is in the lead, 2-0,” Friend Fox said. "Now for the final three questions. Question number one: Is my shirt black or navy blue?”

“Buzz” went  Hedgehog’s buzzer. “Um it is . . . .uh.”

“You’re running out of time!” cried Friend Fox.

“Er... um...”

“It’s black!” cried out Calf.

“No, it’s not!" cried Hedgehog. “It’s navy blue!”

“I’m sorry to say, Calf, but Hedgehog is right. My shirt is navy blue!” exclaimed Friend Fox, with a smile.

“Question two. What colour is the grass?” asked Friend Fox.

“Purple!” shouted Calf.

“I... um... think... Green!” shouted Hedgehog.

“Hedgehog is correct!” yelled Friend Fox. “Question three. What colour is a mud patch?”

“Red!” exclaimed Calf.

“I... er... um... Brown!” cried Hedgehog.

“Once again, Hedgehog is correct!” announced Friend Fox.  “We have a tie! And now for the final question to break the tie and see who wins the Gold Cup. What colour is my fur?”


“Er... duh... um... Light brown!”

“Correct! Hedgehog wwwwwwwwwins the Gold Cup! Congratulations!” Friend Fox shouted.

“I won! I won! I beat Calf! What did I win for again?” asked the Not So Stupid Hedgehog.         

Now Friend Fox was hugging him and presenting him with the Gold Cup. Friend Fox was so happy for Hedgehog!
The Moral of the Story:
You don’t have to be smart to achieve things, especially if you’re not a colour blind calf.


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