The Cheetah and the Rhino
Ariel, Age 11, Armstrong, BC

One day a cheetah was walking along when he met a rhino. Right away he noticed how slow and clumsy the rhino was.

“Hey clumsy! What’s that behind you!” shouted the cheetah. As the rhino turned around to look, he stumbled over a rock and almost fell over. As it turned out, there wasn’t anything behind him at all.

“I should have never wasted my time looking back there,” mumbled the rhino.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! I knew you were just a clumsy, stupid rhino!” laughed the cheetah who had almost lost his head from laughing so hard.

A few days later, the rhino found the cheetah and said to him, “Seeing as you think I’m so slow and clumsy, I would like to challenge you to running a maze.”

“Cool! This will be a real joke,” laughed the cheetah who was totally red-faced by now from laughing so hard.

The cheetah and rhino found a monkey who built a maze in the middle of the jungle. At the centre of the maze he placed a golden egg. The winner of the contest was the first animal to reach the egg.

Both the cheetah and rhino were eagerly lined up on the starting line, ready for the maze race to begin.

“Go!” shouted the monkey.

The cheetah was out of sight in less than two seconds. The rhino was taking his time to see where in the maze to go first, as he plodded along at his usual slow pace.

The cheetah was running very fast, turning this way and that around the bends and twists in the maze. He decided to stop to see where he was. But the cheetah had no idea where he had been or where he was going. He was totally lost!

The rhino was still taking his time plodding along on different paths, carefully watching where he went and thinking at each corner of which was the best way to go.  Finally, he thought he saw something oval and shimmering gold.

“I’m almost there!” he shouted out to the world.  The rhino started to speed up because he was anxious to get to the finish line.

Meanwhile, the cheetah had rounded a corner and could see the rhino up ahead just as he reached the golden egg.

“I can’t believe it! The rhino has won!” screeched the cheetah as he staggered to the finish line totally exhausted.

“What took you so long?” asked the monkey.

“I guess I was wrong to tease you, Rhino. Even though I’m fast, sometimes I’m too fast for my own good,” stated Cheetah.

“Hey!” said the rhino.

The Moral:
Quick and fast isn’t always the best way to go.


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