The Dream
Jessica, Age 16, Torbay, NF

You drift through an old worn path, through some forgotten ancient forest and come upon a wide-open meadow full of tall grass. It is night. There is a full bright moon shining. It seems so large and so close that you feel that, if you had the strength, you might pluck it from the sky.
A slight warm breeze rustles the grass and trees as if they are speaking to each other, and you feel so comforted, you feel as if know just what they are talking about.
You scramble up onto a rock and sit to listen to a small stream that trickles and splashes over small pebbles and crevices. It, too, is telling a story about how once, long ago it was large and ruled this whole place. As you lie upon the rock and gaze into the eternal depths of space you feel yourself becoming completely weightless as you rise into the sky and fly over the trees into the almost blinding light of the moon.
You come to an oblong lake that is so calm, it perfectly reflects all that surrounds it. You see the reflected silhouettes of trees and the shining circle of the moon. You feel your heart yearn to be in the shining water and so you yield.
Plunging into the water you become part of it. Your lungs do not burn for a breath of air as you realize you have moved beyond the consciousness that includes breathing. You become part of everything around you.

You once again wish to fly. This time you float higher than before, your course has been laid, as if destined to be so, for space. You feel yourself grow, large enough to hold the entire solar system within your hands.  Millennia are passing in seconds. You hover there in space. You are just there watching it all.  


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