The Hedgehog and the Lion
Dakota, Age 11, Armstrong, BC

Hello, my name is Hedgehog. If you have not guessed I’ll tell you: I am a hedgehog. I have an arch enemy named Lion. I will let you guess what kind of animal he is. I am going to tell you about the race that changed my life, and Lion’s life as well.

I was taking my morning walk through the field when Lion and his posse started to make fun of me. “Ha ha! Look at you, you’re so small and prickly no wonder you have no friends!” teased Lion.
“You know what?” I exclaimed. “I’m fed up with all your teasing and boasting. You’re driving me nuts every day all day! That's all you do!”

One of Lion’s friends, Fox, was watching and said, “Instead of just complaining why don’t you two settle this with a little competition."

“How?” Lion and I said in harmony (Yuck).

“Have an egg on spoon race. Tomorrow. Right here. Chicken will provide the eggs,” Fox replied.

“Agreed,” we both said, glaring at one another.

The next day, back in the field we were both ready to race. I myself was a bit on the nervous side, but I got over that quickly after thinking that it was really no big deal if I won or not.  Lion and I stood side by side clutching spoons in our mouths and glaring at each other.

My friend, Worm, started the race.  “Ready, set, go!” shouted Worm in the loudest voice he had.  Fox waved a flag and we were off!  The crowd went wild, mostly cheering for Lion, of course.

I looked ahead and, not surprisingly, Lion was showing off. He was hopping on one foot and dancing around like a crazy animal - well, actually dancing like he normally does. I didn’t care. I was moving slowly thinking about every step, trying not to trip over anything or let my egg drop.  I glanced ahead and saw Lion was almost at the finish line. I thought it was no use!  The race was lost!

But suddenly, something went very wrong for Lion and very right for me. Lion tripped on a rock, his egg went tumbling off the spoon and smashed open. To everyone’s surprise, a chick popped out. The chick looked up at Lion and cheeped, “Are you my mommy?”

I won! I did try to reassure Lion that it was just fate and that I was all along a winner. It didn’t help much.  It just made him more disappointed, so he slowly trudged off.

“Well, I tried,” I said. I was so happy. Suddenly, I heard some cheering. Lion’s cheering section was cheering for me! I had won the race and, more importantly, I had won some friends.

Well that was the story of the race that changed my life. Before you go I want to tell you the moral to my story.  The moral is : Hedgehogs obviously RULE!!*!!


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