The Monkey Versus the Tiger
Wesley, Age 11, Armstrong, BC

Once upon a time, there was a young, lanky monkey, swinging around in the treetops, picking fruit, unaware that a prowling danger was near. He was just about to grasp a low vine, when an angry paw swiped at his small body and pinned him to the ground, with a viselike grip. The monkey looked up with fear in his eyes, to find himself face to face with a vicious, red-eyed tiger. It was the tiger he always loathed ever since he was little.

The tiger was the bully of the jungle. “So, little wimp,” he growled, “You’re still as skinny and weak as ever. I’m much stronger and better than you. You’re lucky I didn’t hurt you this time.” The tiger laughed and walked away.

The next day, the determined monkey wanted to face the boastful tiger and challenge him to something, so the monkey could show him that he wasn’t just a little weakling, and the tiger would look silly if he lost. So, he boldly went to the tiger’s den and said, “Tiger, I offer you, if you have the courage, to face me in a challenge.”

The tiger laughed, and said, “And what challenge do you have?”

“It’s a one-on-one combat against each other,” the monkey screeched. The tiger fell over and rolled on the ground laughing. ”I accept,” he chuckled.

“Some jungle animals will make a clearing,” said the monkey. “That’s where we’ll see who rules the jungle.”

The day of the competition, the monkey showed up all by himself. The tiger was already in the clearing when the monkey got there. “Ready to mean fight,” the tiger chuckled.

The competitors got into fighting stances. The tiger pounced, pinning the monkey to the ground. The monkey thought he was done for. But then, he gave the tiger a savage kick in the head with his free leg and the cat roared in rage. The monkey was quickly back on his feet. Doing a triple back flip, he landed on the other side of the tiger. Then, the monkey jumped and hid in the trees.                                                                                 
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a whirling blur of brown came flying out of the trees. Hundreds over hundreds of monkeys jumped on the tiger.

“Say hello to my friends,” said the monkey.  All the monkeys lifted the terrible large cat and threw him in the pond.  The fight was over.

The monkey’s victory was great. He and his friends feasted on fruits and they laughed and joked. As for the tiger, he stayed hidden in his cave and never bullied again.

Moral:  Never underestimate someone, no matter how they look, how big they are, or how small they are.


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