Why Teachers Should Go Out for Lunch
Tori, Age 10, Greenville, SC

If I could change one thing at this school it would be letting teachers go out for lunch when they want to go. The reason I say this is because teachers may get tired of eating lunch at school. The other reason is, if they want more grown up food they always have to order their food in. Teachers should be able to go off campus for a little while. Itís not like there going to be gone all day. Some teachers may want to get away from their class, I mean come on. Iím not trying to be funny or anything but teachers deserve a chance to go out and eat lunch and have a little fun. At some schools itís o.k. to go off school ground for lunch but for others it is not. So I think that teachers should get a shot at going out for lunch instead of eating here at school or ordering their food in.

Written as persuasive writing assignment, 5th Grade


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