Sarah's Stars

Jean Little. Willow and Twig
Puffin, ISBN 0-14-130669-6  $7.99  227 pg.
Reviewed by Asha

"Is he deaf?" Willow was shocked, but she had had that question asked of her before. She never believed it, but was it true?

Willow and her brother, Twig, are on a horrific journey. They encounter starvation, mental illness, near death and abandonment. The main characters are Willow Wind Jones, Twig Jones, Red Mouse and Grandma. Willow is a shy, but snappy preteen. Her past explains why. Willow is mother to her brother, Twig. She was the first one to hold him and the only one who understands and truly cares for him. Twig, a toddler, has been a drug addict ever since birth. Willow finds herself needing a guardian and a friend, and finds both of these in Red Mouse. Last, but not least, is Gram, who plays a big part in Willow and Twig's life.

Jean Little's realistic fiction novel was written for kids ages 8-11. While reading this novel, you realize how lucky you are compared to the misfortune faced by Willow and her brother. A truly amazing novel about survivors and poverty. I give this book a 4 star rating.


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