A World of Hatred
Jennifer, Age 11, Bay Shore, NY

Why can't we accept that people aren't always the same?
Whether they have a different skin color or a different name!
We shun those different from us
We used to make them ride a different bus!
When the Crusaders walked through Europe to gain back the holy land
They killed all the Jews and never lent a helping hand
to anyone who asked for one
because they were different under the sun.

Hitler wanted badly to create the “Father Land”,
so he murdered those different and convinced us they were bad
If you think about it, we still have hate
In fact, we've had more than one debate
on whether to keep the Muslims in fifty states
And if you think, we're living in a world of HATE
So now you may wonder why we live here
Why don't we stand up to people? It's all about FEAR
We're afraid of being called un-American, so
We chide everyone different, everywhere we go
I've got to stop this; I've got to take a stand
Before it's too late, I've got to save this land!

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