Abby's Gift
Michaela, Age 9, Saskatoon, SK

My name is Abby and I live in Mayfair.  I live with my dog Cork and my friends Allison and Jessica.  My mom and dad went to Africa to study animals.  They have a special gift and so do I.  We can talk to animals!  Now I am going to tell you how I found out about my gift.  They were not going to tell me.  But we send postcards to each other and my mom and dad forgot they were not going to tell me.  This is what the postcard read:

Dear Abby:  we hope you are sitting down and relaxing we just wanted to tell you how much the animals in Africa talk!  The giraffes said they are very happy!  What kind of animals are you talking to?  Oh, we are being called by the lions.  Bye!

Sincerely, Mom and Dad.

That's all of it.  At first I didn't have a clue about anything.  Then I thought back 2 years when I was 12 dad said, "We can talk to..." "Grandma any time!"  Mom finished. Dad must have meant to say animals! I thought about it for a sec.  Then I found Cork and asked him, "Are you hungry?" "Yes", he answered.  "WOW!!" I screamed.  Allison and Jessica came running, "What's up?" they asked.  "I can talk to animals!!" I exclaimed. "Neato mosquito!" cried Jessica.  I showed them how I did it but all they heard was barks! And that's how I found out about our gift !!  


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