All Alone... But, I'm Just at Home!
Amber, Age 16, Bay City, TX

Lately Iíve been having the same reoccurring dream,
Or more like a nightmare, it would seem.

Iím walking through a valley of anger and pain
To where no one knows,
Until I find myself buried knee deep in lost souls.

The roads I travel its path so narrow and long,
Am I to turn left, to a dying love, is that right? Or
Am I to turn right to misplaced hate or is that wrong?

I can see myself and Iím screaming ďDonít go that way,Ē
Because I know where Iíll be lead on a road thatís not paved.

I meet some creatures on my journey,
And I look through them and their filth and am downed in yearning.

They donít like me nor do they care,
They donít understand me, they wish I wasnít there.

But, I continue on, careful not to say a word,
When suddenly I hear the sound of a gun and down to my feet falls a

A bird of such beauty and radiance outside and within,
I thought to kill a mocking bird was considered a sin.

Although shocked and appalled by my discovery,
Iím forced to move on and forget whatís in front of me.

Pressing forward with great strides,
I feel and sense of hope and comfort only to be oppressed with a
sense of lies.

Now its getting cold and the lights are fading,
I walk faster to reach my destination,
When finally I do arrive no one is waiting.

I hear no hellos, Iíve missed you, how have you been?
Instead my only greeting is ugly looks and nasty grunts from those
creatures again.

Now Iím sure that Iím alone,
Please god donít let it be so,
No wait hold on, look how much youíve grown,
Youíre strong you can make it on your own!

Then abruptly I realize, yes Iím still alone,
But itís not a nightmare itís just another day at home!

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