Animal Alliteration
Eric, Age 11, Tucson, AZ

Acrobatic anteaters accomplish a lot while they are agreeing with ants.

Bears bat batteries into Berlin bare.

Clumsy cats clench crooks with cactus claws.

Dumb deer drink Dr. Pepper to depress themselves.

Elementary elephants embarrass Ethel.

Floating fish follow fake faith to funny faces.

Giant goats graze in the grass for great games.

Hairy Monsters halt halfway down the hall.

Idiot ice fish enjoy ice cream in igloos.

Jerk jellyfish jump jealously in July.

Kookaburras kiss kinks kindly.

Lunatic lizards leap through luscious lavenders in L.A.

Maniac mallards read magnetic magazines.

Naked newts never notice normal newts.

Obvious otters obey opposite orders.

Patriotic parrots plunge plumbers with pleasure.

Quality quails quote other quails.

Religious roaches refuse to reason with raccoons.

Serious sheep shake and scare stupid sharp shooting sharks with Swiss cheese and shrinks.

Talking toucans tango with thin thefts in Tucson.

Unusual umbrella birds use urinals if they have ugly upset little umbrella birds.

Violent vultures are very voluntary when they have a victory view.

Weary wolves worry about working wombats.

Xavier Lions play xylophones.

Yummy young yak yell and yodel.

Zebras get you to zip and zap in the zone with Zach.

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