Anteaters and Zebras
Nora, Age 10, Tucson, AZ

Absent Anteaters ate ants and apples for an appetizer in Antarctica, Australia and Arkansas.
Big baboons buy bananas and baby blue bonnets.
Corsages cats climb and cling to curtains with colorful camellias in Canada.
Dizzy dogs dig down deep through dirty dirt in Denmark while drooling.
Empty elephants eat everything in Europe with eagles eating iguanas.
Fat furry foxes fight for fun in Finland.
Grand gooses gobble greatly with grim green gorillas in Georgia.
Harry happy hogs hand hats happily in a hacienda.
Inspired inchworms ice-skate in Iceland.
Jag wire gymnasts jump and jog joyfully.
Kangaroos and koalas kick in kelp.
Limping ladybugs like light loads.
Merry manatees might make many magnets.
Nasty gnats nibble nets in Nashville.
Ostriches open old optical courses.
Paranoid penguins play pianos with their pet polar bears.
Quick quail carry quartz.
Red ravens received records recently.
Slippery seals slide silently with slimy salamanders.
Tight tigers tip toe towards timid turtles.
Unicorns use their umbrellas.
Very valuable viperfish are vicious.
Wet whales waist water in winter.
Xray fish are excellent.
Yellow yaks yell and yip "yikes!"
Zippy zebras eat zinnias.

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