Sarah's Stars

Nikki Tate. Cave of Departure
Sono Nis, ISBN 1-55039-119-4  $8.95  233 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah

"If only he had been born a girl, the Tara stories would have been enough."

Young Dominique is an Estorian, yet he is unlike the other boys. He cannot find the 'stories from beyond', which are supposed to appear in his mind. They are stories that are unlike any other. When it comes time for Dominique to tell his story to the clan, and change from a boy to a man, he is still unable to tell a 'true' story. He is a disgrace, and is sent away for a year and a day to find his story telling ability. He is to have no aid from, or even contact with, any other Estorian during that time. If he returns and still cannot tell a 'true' story, he will be executed.

Cave of Departure by Nikki Tate would suit ages 10 -14. It is the first book in the series. Although it was in many ways an excellent read, I thought that the ending was incomplete, as if the book had been cut in half midway. You definitely need to read the second book to find a satisfying conclusion. This spoiled the book for me, and so I give it only three stars.


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