Sarah's Stars

Julie Lawson. Destination Gold
Orca, ISBN 1-55143-157-2  $8.95  210 pg.
Reviewed by Ian

It is the year 1897 and sixteen year old Ned Turner is consumed by gold rush fever. He leaves Victoria and heads to the Klondike, in hopes of finding gold. During the boat trip, Ned is befriended by a man named Montana.

This book is entwined with 2 other stories. His 12 year old sister, Sarah, is worried sick about Ned, and is becoming more worried all the time. There is also the story of 16 year old Catherine, who is running from her past. When these three meet, Ned has a lot more to worry about than just finding the gold.

This fiction book was written by Julie Lawson, who has also written an exciting trilogy which includes The Ghost of Avalanche Mountain, Goldstone, and Turns on a Dime. At the beginning of each chapter, in Destination Gold, there is a passage from Ned Turner's journal, that tells the reader a little about what will take place. The cover was illustrated by Ken Campbell.

I give this book 5 stars because of Lawson's creative style of writing. I liked the way she goes from one person's story to another and eventually the three people meet and the story merges into one. I would recommend this book to readers in grade 5 and up.


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