Don't Put Off Till Tomorrow What You Can Do Today
Alex, Age 11, Rockville, MD

There once was a boy named Tommy Kinato.  He was considered the 'cool' kid.  It was the first day of school and Tommy, as usual, was acting all cool.  He went through the day and had already received a project from Geography class. It was due a week from the day he got it.  It was a project worth 100 points!!!!!  John (Tommy's friend) said, "Tommy, this is a huge project and you should really work on it every night because of its hardness."

"No sweat.  I'll do it tomorrow," responded Tommy.

"Okay," said John shakily.

Tommy spent his time at the arcade that night.  He was there for 5 hours, getting money from all who would give him some because he was broke.  He went home and played computer until 1:00 when he fell asleep at the computer chair. Night one of the story: Homework done: none.


It was 7:20 and Tommy woke up to his mom screaming from the kitchen for him to wake up.  Tommy remembered that he had Math homework and forged a note saying that he was sick last night and was unable to do his homework.  He barely made the bus and that was because he watched Sports Center for 20 minutes instead of having breakfast.  This was a mistake because by second period Tommy had a headache.  Nonetheless, the teacher was not sympathetic to Tommy and gave him a huge project worth 60 points due in 2 days!!!!!!  Tommy was not worried at all because he thought that he had two whole days to finish the assignment but he forgot that he still had another assignment from geography and that was due in 5 days.


"Aagh," exclaimed Amy as she tried the school's deep fat fried noodles.

"I've tried better food at the dump," replied John.

"Hey, Tommy," said John as Tommy sat down at their table.  "How far are you on your geography project?   It is Tuesday and the paper is due Thursday.  You better have gotten to work on it or you are dead."

"No sweat, I'll work on it tonight," replied Tommy.


Thursday had arrived and sure enough, Tommy had lied to John by saying he would do his projects and now he was in trouble because he had not done his projects.  He had not remembered that in total the value of all the projects combined was 160 points.

Tommy arrived at school and John was the first to talk to him.  "G-day, huh?" said John.

"Yeah, right," said Tommy in a nervous way.

"Got your projects done, Tommy?" Asked John.

"No," replied Tommy weakly.

"Oh my gosh, Tommy, our teacher said we will fail all classes if we do not turn the projects in on time."

Well, sure enough, Tommy did fail ALL classes.  His teachers said that the only way to raise his grades was to stay after school every day for one month.  Well, for one whole month Tommy stayed after school and worked his head off his shoulders.  He finally got the teachers to ease up on him because he worked so hard.  They raised his grade from an F to a C.


It was the last day of school and Tommy was confident he would pass all classes in 7th grade.

"Hey, Tommy,  I'll take you to the arcade; my treat for working so hard," said John.

"No, I think I'll do some extra credit... NOT!!!!" replied Tommy.

So they went off to the arcade and they had a lot of fun.  Tommy's brother got a job at the arcade so Tommy and John got as many tokens as they wanted.  This was paradise for Tommy.   Tommy finished his 7th grade year successfully.  That night Tommy dreamed about what homework he would have to escape from next year!


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