Everything Is Broken
Jennifer, Age 11, Bay Shore, NY

We had broken up for good and I never thought I'd see
The day that this would happen to me
Neither of us saw it coming
But by the time we did, it was too late

I saw him give another girl a valentine
I got so confused because I knew that he was mine
And I didn't know what hit me
Until that night at exactly 8

He called me up and calmed me down
And proceeded to tell me 'bout the girl he had found
“You see”, he said to me
“I've grown too tired of you”

At that moment, I was depressed
And hoped I'd awaken from my rest
And find that this was all a dream
Never to come true

I never did wake from a dream
I had said things too late, it seemed
I just told my friends that I knew
This would last forever

And they had agreed and nodded their head
I listened as they said I'd be with him 'till I was dead
I guess that never happened
I thought this'd go on forever and ever

But I didn't and I'm glad
I'm happy now, not sad
I have found a better boy
Than he'd ever be

And as I lay down to sleep
It's him whom through my dreams seep
And I hope that he never
Wants to give up me.

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