Justin, Age 12, Rockville, MD

On a foggy morning three brothers decided to go down to the creek by their house. Their names were Bob, Jean, and Ben. Bob was the bravest of the three. While he was swishing the sand between his toes he saw a manhole. He said that that hole probably went for miles. He was right; this was the biggest longest manhole in the city. It went for three miles but the brothers did not know this, so they all decided to go through it and see how long this thing really was. It had no lights in it so they decided to go home and get a flashlight before they went through it. They went to their house and to their surprise their mother was not home. Jean thought that she probably went shopping. The others agreed and got their flashlights. They all had the flashlights and they were off.

They went into the hole and started walking. After one mile Jean got scared and went back by himself. It was only Ben and Bob. They kept walking and walking until they reached a hill that was very slippery. Bob went up first and Ben went up second. It lead to a whole other tunnel. This tunnel was a wee bit smaller. They kept on going for 30 minutes. Ben wanted to turn back but Bob convinced him not to. On the other hand, Jean was walking and finally saw the entrance. He was walking and he was tripped. He was scared to death because he thought that he was the only one there.

At first he thought it was Ben and Bob playing a trick on him but without being able to say anything, everything turned black. He had been chocked and had fainted.

His brothers finally got to the end of the tunnel so they headed back home. On the way there, Benís flashlight ran out of batteries and they only had one flashlight left. Then Bob's went out. They were in the dark. In ten minutes their eyes got used to the dark, and they started walking again. They got to where Jean was and they both were tripped and fainted. All three of the brothers woke up together in a dungeon.

They got their senses back and remembered that they were walking. Then they ended up in this dungeon. The dungeon had flat walls and was circular. They heard a voice coming from a hole in the wall. The person said he was the fainter and that he would let them free if the brothers paid him 100,000 dollars. Their family was rich but not that rich! The brothers had to find a way to escape they looked around but the walls were smooth so they could not climb out so they tried to find a secret passage way. They look in every corner and in every spot on the wall, so they thought. There was one place that they had not touched. They found it three hours later. It was by accident bob was just walking around and ran into it.

They got back into the tunnel and walked home. They told their parents about the fainter and the parents called the police. The police heard about him before and his fiendish ways. He was the worst person there could ever be. He had been capturing kids for ages but Jean, Bob, and Ben were the only kids to ever escape.

The police checked the manhole over and over again. They never found the fainter. The boys wanted to catch this thief so they went back into the manhole after the police had given up. They found the fainter and they had a battle. Ben kicked him in the shins while Bob punched his hands. Jean was trying to tie him up and finally did. The fainter was big so they needed to get the police to pull him out. They went and got the police but when the got back the fainter had been untied. They sealed both ends of the manhole and searched it. They finally found him and trapped him in a corner. The police charged at him. The fainter beat up most of the policemen and there was only one left. He was the strong officer. They had a battle. The policeman finally tied him up and carried him to prison. He was then charged 3,000,000,000 dollars for kidnapping and endangering kids' lives.

The fainter was in jail forever and never stole kids again. Jean, Bob, and Ben went home and lived happily ever after. All the kids that he had kidnapped were returned home all because of the brothers. They were heroes.


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