Hell's Night
Michael, Age 15, Virginia Beach, VA

Again, the blackness hugs the wall,
In the corner over there
With oddly legs it tries to crawl
With closed ‘lids I still stare

Now it looks with one red eye
upon me in my sleep.
As it reeks of blood my nose runs dry,
But my slumber has been deep.

It’s moving now, into the dark,
Its body changes shape.
It screams and cries a child’s bark,
A reality’s escape.

It’s growing now, and the smell gets worse,
Its ugliness tenfold.
It’s body is writhing, a maggot hearse,
Glistening like black gold.

Now I can hear it, within my room,
My subconscious on alert,
But with hope draws closer doom,
A pull upon its shirt.

The thing has faces within it now,
all is horror in their eyes.
It bleeds and leaks upon their brow,
As if they’d seen demise.

And now it reaches for my heart,
Its hands a fingered clot,
Just as it reaches every night,
Before the nightmare stops.

Before I open my eyes to it,
Before I feel its skin,
In the dark a candle’s lit,
Before I can see him.

The candle is my mother’s call,
A light in depths of Hell.
From my mind the nightmare falls,
I must race the schoolyard bell.

I wipe away last nights blood from sight,
The nightmare’s trapped to sleep,
As I ready myself the fear I must fight,
The day Mom will oversleep.

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