Paige, Age 13, Winfield, KS

One wintry, blustery day, the type of day when no on in their right minds would be anywhere but on the couch, underneath a blanket, sipping hot cocoa and devouring a good book, he showed up. Him, with his dirty blonde hair that was always in his eyes. That was the day he showed up to steal my heart.

That fateful morning I was doing what everyone else was, reading "Gone With the Wind," and watching "It's a Wonderful Life." I had just dozed off, when the doorbell rang. "Who in the world could that be?" I wondered. So reluctantly I rolled out of my nest of blankets and opened the door.

"Howdy, Ma'am! Do you remember me? I'm Lucas Finn, the shy little boy in your 7th grade English class. I've always been too afraid to admit it, but I think I like you. How about me taking you to dinner tonight?"

"Sure," I managed to croak. He had baby blue eyes that positively radiated, and his blonde hair was spiked just perfect. Not to mention his sexy southern drawl. I was hooked like a trout.

That afternoon I bet I was the only person in town who was actually up and moving. I must have tried on everything in my closet at least twice! Finally, I was ready. My straight brown hair was twisted in a knot, and so was my stomach. My red sweater and khaki mini-skirt fit perfectly against the curves of my body.

At 6:30 he picked me up in his silver BMW convertible, right on time. He was dressed in khaki slacks and a plaid red and blue shirt which set his  eyes to sparkling. He was more gorgeous than I remembered. I just vaguely remembered him in 7th grade, and I certainly didn't remember him having blonde hair. I made a mental note to ask him about it.

We pulled up in front of this fancy Greek-looking restaurant, and I though "Wow!" He must have a lot of money, though it really doesn't matter. This looks like it will be a nice evening.

The evening went by pretty fast, and I had a great time. We got done around 8:45 and he took me back to my house. Just as I was about to open the door and end the night, he spoke.

"I hope you had a good evening," he told me.

"Oh, I had a wonderful time."

Then he asked, "Maybe we can do this again sometime?"

"Maybe," I replied, tantalizing him with the anxiety of not knowing. I got his number before I walked in the house. Next weekend I will call and see if he wants to do this again.


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