I Said It Was Over
Jennifer, Age 11, Bay Shore, NY

I said it was over
I thought you understood
I said I was sorry
And I thought that you would
Take it well
And with a smile
Just let it go by

I sit here and sigh
As I rub the hand print on my face.
And remember that day
When I put you in your place
And told you off
For that day
And forever

Well, you were offended
To say the least
I saw hatred rise up
In your eyes like yeast
Burning hatred
And I saw your hand
And then... nothing

All my friends warned me
“You better watch out”
“One day that boy's
gonna make you really SHOUT”
“And you'll be sorry”
But I never heeded
Their warning

When my mother saw me come home
There was a worried look in her eyes
But she never asked me what happened
So I never had to lie
I still haven't told her
I hope she'll understand
She really liked you

My father was less comforting
He asked right away
And then I told him
“I fell in the bay
And hit a rock"
But the hand print was there
I hope it wasn't too obvious

Now I know my lesson
You can't ever trust boys
They can be kind, but some
Will treat you like toys
Remember the old saying...
“No man is worth your tears.”
“However, the one that is won't make you cry.”

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