I'll Always Remember
Kasey, Age 16, New York, NY

Iíll always remember the way your lips felt on mine,
and the way our fingers would always intwine,
Your eyes were amazing, and so was your smile,
but everything ends after a while
In some things, even the end is sweet,
and this ending canít be beat,
I loved you more then I knew how,
and I love you still but itís different now,

Your eyes are still amazing, and so is your smile,
but it holds different meaning after a while,
That warm smile I saw still has itís strength,
Yet in a different way,
Youíre my friend today,

Though Iíll always remember,
The way you changed my heart,
Iíll also remember that weíre not really apart,
For we are friends,
Which weíve always been,
and now when we greet,
We know this ending wonít be sweet,
Because friendship never ends.

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